The establishment of the Saudi Society of obstetrics and gynecology Award for residents in training is considered as one of the very important mission of the SSOG.

The Award aims to encourage young researchers to conduct high quality research of national and international importance. This is an important milestone in the young generation future life to be leaders in scientific medical research.

Award Objectives

  1. Encourage young researchers to continue their activities and initiatives in conducting high quality research.
  2. Encourage the development of the research culture and enhance the quality of the research output in the Saudi Arabia.
  3. Increase research output, that is relevant and of important to the local population.
  4. Increase the level of awareness about SSOG various initiative and programs to support research and innovation.

The Saudi Society of obstetrics and gynecology research grant project

Research grants guidelines, instructions and application process.

  1. The society will accept one (1) application per person per year.
  2. Anyone who receives a grant as a resident or fellow is eligible to apply for another one-time grant in the future.
  3. The society will fund the best project applications, with priority given to young investigators. Young investigators are defined as those individuals who have not been previously funded by any other funding agency and not completed their training program at the time of application.
  4. The SSOG members who apply should be junior investigators.
  5. Non-members of the SSOG may apply with a co-investigator who is an SGO member. The goal of such collaborative applications is to foster collaboration and mentorship of an investigator new to the field.
  6. Significant overlap with existing funding is not permitted. Applicants should note the existence of pending applications with potential overlap and a plan for how such overlap would be managed if both applications were funded.
  7. Abstracts should be written to allow a reviewer from the board of director for the society to study and interpret the aims, merits and methods of the proposed project.
  8. Budget is not to be requested for the investigator’s time or effort. Budget for presentation/publication/travel is not allowed. Budget is limited to a fifteen thousand Saudi Riyals per project (15,000 SAR).
  9. Research being done outside of the Saudi Arabia will not be considered for funding; however, a non- Saudi resident may apply for a grant for research being done at any Saudi institution.
  10. All researchers must first submit a 250-word technical abstract for scientific review. The best abstracts will be invited to submit a full grant proposal, with a 250-wordpublic abstract for donor review, using scientific terms and including the author’s name and institution.
  11. All winners will be asked to present a 3 months report update on their research supervisor (usually a member of the board of director of the society).

General Instructions

  1. The abstract, the research grant application and the full grant proposal, if invited, should be submitted using 10-point Arial font and include the author’s name and institution on each page.
  2. Handwritten applications will not be accepted.


  1. Fill the application online. (Click here)
  2. As described earlier, the abstract consists of a 250-word technical document for scientific review by the committee. Note that it should be written in a manner to allow a reviewer to clearly understand the merits, objectives and methods to be used in conducting the research. It is mandatory to include the author’s name and institution on the abstract. (to be submitted with the online application)
  3. An updated CV. (to be submitted with the online application)

Research Grant Full Proposal

  1. A copy of the original application that was submitted is required.
  2. The research grant proposal should include the principal investigator’s first name, last name and credentials in the upper right corner on all pages. The description of the research should be no longer than five (5) typed pages. The investigator’s bio sketch must be included. The bio sketch should state the total number of publications if applicable.
  3. A budget, using the form included, must be submitted along with a description of any other financial support.
  4. The society requires an interim report in a Word document of 3 to 6 paragraphs to describe progress to date. The interim report is in three month intervals.
  5. The signed application along with all of the components of the full proposal should be sent to the following e-mail address.


    A copy of the original application that was submitted description of the research.
  1. Investigator’s bio sketch.
  2. Budget (using form).
  3. Paragraph describing institutional support, career.

The application will be reviewed by the society scientific committee and you will be notified about their decision within 6 weeks.

The following staff had agreed to supervise and help in any research project from the start till the end of your project, you can choose one and communicate with them directly to establish your proposal.

  • Professor Hassan Abdul-Jabbar.
  • Professor Nabeel Bondagji.
  • Professor Samia Al Amoudi.
  • Dr Hamad AlSufayan.
  • Dr Emad Sagr.
  • Dr Fatma Al-Shangiti.
  • Dr Hanadi Baakdah.
  • Dr Sameera Al-Basri.
  • Dr Faisal kashgary.
  • Dr Ayman Orief.
  • Dr Suzan Alkafi.
  • Dr Yaser Sabar.
  • Dr Yaser Katib.
  • Dr Yaser Faden.

Please note:
This list is not mandatory you can choose any senior staff anywhere in the kingdom to be your supervisor.